Our team list 2

  • Angel Marín Díaz

    CEO & Founder
    The founder of Inmtec Group, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed it...
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  • Karen Alarcon Peña

    Process Management
    Karen Stephanie, the Process Management of Inmtec Group, oversees the company's process improvement efforts...
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  • Betzabeth Hernández

    Managing Partner San Miguel
    Maria Betzabeth, the Managing Partner of Inmtec Group, leads the company's overall strategic direction...
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  • Luz Lara Ramírez

    Purchasing Manager
    Luz Jazmin, the Purchasing and Warehouse Manager of Inmtec Group, manages the procurement and inventory...
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  • Adriana Palafox

    Magazine Director
    Adriana Palafox, the Magazine Director of Inmtec Group, oversees the production of high-quality and engaging...
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  • Raul Montoya

    Process and Project
    Raul Montoya, the Process, Project and Continuous Improvement Coordinator of Inmtec Group, leads the...
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  • Martin Tapia

    Frontdesk Management
    Martin Tapia, the FrontDesk Manager of Inmtec Group, ensures a welcoming and efficient experience for...
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  • Luis Mario Fuentes

    Commercial Financing
    Luis Mario, the Commercial Financing Manager of Inmtec Group, oversees the company's financing operations,...
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