Welcome to the biweekly “Q & A with Angel.” I will answer your questions every other week with pleasure, they do not necessarily have to be on the previous week’s topic.

Sandy from Chicago, IL.

Q: I am here on a tourist visa and it’s about to expire, Yikes! I don’t want to travel now and go back to the States, what can I do?

A: Hi Sandy, not to worry…an option is available to extend your legal stay in Mexico for an additional 180 days from the date of expiration of your current Visa. We simply apply on your behalf for a Humanitarian Visa which takes about three weeks to receive. At this time all applications are being approved.


Scott from Santa Fe, NM.

Q: Hello Angel, I enjoyed learning the history of the Notario, and the differences between the Notario and the USA notary.

I am purchasing a home in SMA and am being told which Notario and attorneys to use by my real-estate agent. Shouldn’t I have a choice? And do you and your firm handle real estate Transactions?

A: Hola Scott, As the Buyer, you have the legal and absolute right to choose your Notario and Closing Team.

As for your other question, yes, we at Inmtec Legal Services have our in-house Notario and specialized closing protocols. Our clients enjoy a full-service closing team that process the purchase while contemplating future tax exposure, due diligence, exemptions and retentions, and appreciate efficient understandable closings done by professionals.


Sophia from Toronto, Canada.

Q: Angel, I am 82 years young and live alone. I still feel very strong, but things happen in life. I need a Will, a Medical Directive, as well as a DNR. Do I need a Notario, an attorney, or both?

A: Good morning Sophia. Estate planning at any point in life is a good idea, especially when living abroad.

As these instruments are extremely personal by nature and can deal with real property assets, and life ending procedures, as well as be “touchy” emotionally, I recommend an attorney that you are comfortable with, understand, and trust. Your attorney will sit with you and listen, then build a custom fit instrument that will convey your wishes.

DNRs in Mexico are not legislated documents; thus, when we construct an Advance Directive which are legislated (legal), we customize them to work as a DNR as well.

At the end of the day all of these instruments must be drawn up legally, notarized, and registered.

Thank you all for your questions this week, for more specific information on the matter, as well as all Notarial Services please contact the author:

Angel Marín Díaz at: info@inmtec.net

415 121 9005

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