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  • Angel Marín Díaz

    CEO & Founder

    The founder of Inmtec Group, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed it to the successful behemoth it is today. He is known in...

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  • Karen Alarcon Peña

    Process Management

    Karen Stephanie, the Process Management of Inmtec Group, oversees the company's process improvement efforts to ensure that operations are efficient, effective,...

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  • Betzabeth Hernández

    Managing Partner San Miguel

    Maria Betzabeth, the Managing Partner of Inmtec Group, leads the company's overall strategic direction and works closely with the executive team to ensure the...

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  • Luz Lara Ramírez

    Purchasing Manager

    Luz Jazmin, the Purchasing and Warehouse Manager of Inmtec Group, manages the procurement and inventory management processes to ensure that the company has...

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  • Adriana Palafox

    Magazine Director

    Adriana Palafox, the Magazine Director of Inmtec Group, oversees the production of high-quality and engaging content for the company's magazine, ensuring that...

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  • Raul Montoya

    Process and Project

    Raul Montoya, the Process, Project and Continuous Improvement Coordinator of Inmtec Group, leads the company's efforts to optimize processes, manage projects,...

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My husband and I recently moved to San Miguel and selected a long-term rental home.

We turned to INMTEC to serve as our legal counsel who could provide guidance on contractual arrangements.

The INMTEC team, headed by Lic. Maria Betzabeth Sarai Hernandez Ramirez , met with us and provided excellence guidance.

Zuzanna Kruczek and Valeria Manuela Arredondo provided us with timely and gracious support throughout the process.

Lic. Cesar Luna reviewed the key contractual changes and supervised the signing of the contract.

Valeria Arredondo provided essential bi-lingual support during the reading of the contract.

Both parties were pleased with the results.

(Please note: Zuzanna even stayed in touch with us by phone while battling COVID!)

We were most impressed with the caliber and professionalism of the entire INMTEC team.

We wholeheartedly recommend INMTEC to anyone seeking first rate legal counsel in San Miguel.

Linda and Ron Devillier

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