An analysis of the social, migratory trends, and the growing community of expats in the country

In an exclusive interview for our media with Ángel Marín, expert consultant in legal services and founder of INMTEC, a leading transnational company, he spoke to us about the current challenges for Mexico and the United States. His clear objective is to bring transparency to Mexican law and to be the true legal shield for both citizens and the visiting community.

Carmen Rioja: Could you tell us where you are from and how is it that you are working so hard in this region of Mexico, here in Querétaro, and including San Miguel de Allende?

Ángel Marín: I am from Mexico City, born there. My parents had a house in San Miguel when I was 10 years old, on Santo Domingo and Correo. So, we had the opportunity to live in San Miguel when it was a town. It began with the Pemex exit to Celaya and ended at the hotel Mision on Salida a Querétaro. The bypass was not there. On the other side it ended at Fábrica Aurora. 

C.R: Was there someone in your family—your father, your mother, who was dedicated to law or finance?

AM: No, theirs were completely different careers, I left the range of what the family businesses was. By the way, my first love was tennis, I wanted to be a tennis professional. It has a little to do with the accent I have—that my brother and sister don’t have it— because they sent me to study in the United States, and train in tennis. I learned pragmatism, creativity on the pitch, sacrifice and performance, discipline, and that lazy people think they are winning, and those who are winning are afraid of being lazy. I understood at a very tender age that something magical was happening on the tennis court. I was evolving as a person. I was learning how to win and how to lose. These are very important issues that shape our inner core.

C.R: At what point did you decide to leave tennis and focus on other topics?

AM: In tennis or professional sports there are many elements: economy, support at home, talent, the sacrifice of dedication—but also the body, and not all of us have the body to train eight hours a day and then go to high school at night. Then my knees gave out. This crisis, which can be called that, was an opportunity—again at a very tender age—it led me to appreciate that not all that glitters is gold and that not everything is yours. And then to see how you reinvent yourself and evolve.

C.R: Do you consider that part of success is the flexibility to adapt to changes and be attentive to what is coming?

AM: It is correct—the perspective that «it is not what happens to you, it is how you react to what happens to overcome it.» And I always keep thinking about a lady who told me, “Oh, Don Ángel, I have been praying for 25 years for this to happen and to date it hasn’t.” What if the answer was no? Sometimes we don’t know how to move from an idea we have to accept where we are in order to evolve. If that is not the way, surely there must be another.

C.R: Tell us a little about how INMTEC was born. They have a very wide range of legal services and consultancies. What is the current position of the company and what is its strength?

AM: Grupo INMTEC, which is the company I founded 30 years ago, has had an evolution that culminated in Grupo INMTEC. The beginning of everything was amazing, and something that stuck with me is that we all have an opportunity. Someone extended their hand to me and gave me the opportunity to accomplish, and what I did not know at that time was that it was the new dream, it is what we are doing today. It has been an evolution, but at that time we started in development.

The INMTEC group is made up of AGRO or agriculture, which integrates the import of grains and seeds from various parts of the world, mainly from the United States, such as yellow corn that is called the sweet milpa. In Mexico we have a production of more or less five million tons per year, but we use 25 million tons and consumption is growing at 8% per year, if not more. So we do not reach [sufficient] production and we work to avoid the shortage

INMTEC Energies is development in alternative energy. It also supports oil companies working hand in hand with the government.INMTEC Legal Services has evolved so that now we market the service to the public and not only abroad but also to nationals. Because we are here and it is where we were born, we first appealed to the nationals, but we saw the need to support and contribute. Our law in my opinion is perfect, but it is not always offered in a perfect way. Sometimes it is offered as a sword against the client from a position of power, so I wanted to bring transparency to our system of laws. And I reiterate that the law is perfect from my point of view, but the current transfer must be made to the times, forms, and costs. And it needs to be a true shield because the law is a sword or a shield for our clients, whether they are nationals, visiting, or guest communities.